On A Personal Note

I am trying anything and everything.

First before I start, I'd like to show you my new format of my News/Blog.

I added a simple "Side Bar" to the right. I added a photo of me and some more information that can be easier for my readers to find. I never really liked side bars and the ones with ads are even worst. I was watching a YouTube video which I found very interesting about adding the Side Bar to a Squarespace templet that doesn't have a side bar built-in. This is the result I have completed so far, I will be adding more stuff soon. Please go to the bottom of this post to find link to the video.

One of the amazing buildings by architect Zaha Hadid

One of the amazing buildings by architect Zaha Hadid

I need Help!

I have been working very hard trying to get noticed and to get sales. Been studying SEO over and over again. I have been trying to boost my views on my website. I have been sharing on social media "almost" daily, and I have been pinning on Pinterest, just how all the experts have been teaching me. Something has got to click at some point. But when?

Before the new year I was averaging 2 sales a week on Etsy (Not Great, But By No Means Bad). Once Christmas pasted and we moved into January it's like a switch was turned off in my Etsy Shop. No sales to date at all.

What am I doing wrong? How can I improve what I am doing?

Is anyone actually reading my News/Blog? Can you give me any advise? Would you like to critique my site for me? I have now learned what it means to be a "Straving Artist". Yet, this is not by choice.

The Information for the YouTube Video I watched to learn how to add a "Side Bar" can be found here.

Video by Kath O'Malley on YouTube. Thank You Kath your video was very helpful! Click Here.


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