I Survived Irma and Now It's Time To Re-Build

MarioSiART Is Happy To Announce We Are Back and Everything Is Running Normally Again.

It's been a horrific 10+ days "Pre-Irma", "Durning Irma", "Post Irma".

It's amazing we all survived and are here to tell our tales. But, I'm not going to bore you with any details. Just knowing I had all the support from your Facebook posts, text messages and e-mails was so very touching and I want to Thank each and everyone for all your kind words and thoughts.

In order to re-build, I need some help. Please visit my Etsy Shop and see some pretty stuff. Like something. Favorite anything. Request a purchase. Make a purchase. Request a custom illustration. All of this can help me out and get me started on my re-building process.

Feel free to contact me at anytime. Once Again I Thank You!