Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!

The Year of the Dog.

I Kind of missed sending out Christmas Cards in 2017. When this happens I usually will send out Happy New Year Cards for 2018. But I missed that as well.

MarioSiART The Year of the Dog 2018

But it's never to late. I have one more chance and that is to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year 2018.

It's the year of the dog, and who doesn't like dogs? I guess the people who have had a bad experience with a dog in the past. I love dogs and have two that are the funniest dogs I have ever had. "Woofie the Magnificent" (middle Poodle) and "Howie" (left Poodle Mix) - just plain Howie.

The Kids of MarioSiART_Murphy Woofie Howie.png

Woofie came into my life when a very close friend of mine past on. Howie came into my life when Kenn my husband recused him. They both are very sweet dogs.

But the love of my life was "Murphy" (right side in picture above) he was a Golden Doodle aka Murphy-Doodle. We lost Murphy while we were driving cross country from Pasadena, CA to Tampa FL. In the third hour of our 5 day trip a semi ran us off the road. We all survived other then Murphy-Doodle. In reality, I don't think he wanted to move to begin with, he was very happy in Pasadena.


Anyway, to all my friends across the world Happy Chinese New Year 2018! Be Well. Be Happy. Be Lucky.

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