Mario Saverino

Mario Saverino

MarioSiART aka Mario Saverino

It's Never To Late To Follow Your Dreams

Presently I am doing just that, following my dream after many times telling myself, "It's To Late."

My story started when I went on my dream vacation to Italy. Something very strange happened inside of me the second I stepped off the plane and walked to board a water taxi that took me to the very small islands of Venice. Something exploded inside me, it was the light bulb going off in my head so to say. I've been waiting for this moment all my life or so it felt to me. My creative juices started brewing inside me and there was no way to stop them. The voices in my heard were now saying, become the artist you know you can be.


At this time in my life I considered myself to be a successful Interior Designer and I was following my passion doing that for many years - little was I to know that my life was going to change in so many ways upon returning to my home in Pasadena, CA after my trip to Italy. Not all for the good and certainly not all bad.

To spare you all the details I will jump ahead and leave out all the crappy stuff. (Back to present day 2018).

I'm living in Tampa, FL and working at becoming the artist I want to be. Never in a million years did I think I would be living in Florida or even facing a divorce from a marriage of over 28 years. I never thought I would be anything other then an Interior Designer, nor could I even imagine becoming the artist I dreamed of being. Part of this journey is spiritual growth, another part of this is growing up and to stop looking at life though rose colored glasses and facing facts. When you give and get nothing in return it can really damage your ego and yourself. But on this journey I won't let that happen any longer.


Making the decision to move cross country I knew starting over at a new job or even trying to keep my Interior Design firm going at this stage in life was not what I wanted. I want my second act to be different. I want something even more fulfilling, something that would feed my soul. I always have to remind myself that I alone am responsible for my own happiness. This time of introspection is exciting and terrifying all the same time. Being idle isn't going to get me anywhere. I had to decide on a new path going forward and this is my new path. Unfortunately, I am now understanding the term "Starving Artist". But this to me isn't a negative, it isn't even a fact, it's just a saying. So I'm am not doing that, Iam doing what I feels the "my path" and the best message I want to put out there in the universe. I'm a bit past the middle of my life and feel like I'm discovering who I am and how much more I have to offer. I was meant to find this path when it was my right time. It was not in my path to become an artist until now. The past few years have been so eye opening and life changing.

Remember, It's Never Too Late To Follow Your Heart.


Iam loving being an artist. I know my work brings joy and it feels great to be part of something joyful.

Every day I spend creating in my tiny little studio in the so called "Sunshine State" is a true blessing and a chance for my soul to sing.

Mario Saverino 2018