Have You Ever Doubted Yourself?

Recently I get an idea to create a new art series.

I'm calling it "City Skylines in Silhouette". Base on Big Bright Bold Letters of the city name that form a series of stripes which would run down the length of the page, as the stripes get closer to the bottom of the page they reveal the Skyline of that City.

Tampa, Florida was/is my first piece in this series. Since creating Tampa I have done several others. Los Angeles, Sydney, Amsterdam, Chiro and San Diego. With each new city I draw, it seems I'm liking the last one better then the one before it. My concept has stayed the same, however I noticed I was refining my style with each new drawing. Yesterday, I decided to re-visit Tampa and re-draw it, trying to select more interesting buildings that had a better silhouette effect. Above is my first Tampa piece. Below is my second Tampa piece. I guess I doubted myself.

As an artist is your art really ever done? Should you doubt yourself? Can you doubt yourself? Should you leave well enough alone? If you felt your first attempt was good and you printed it, should you or would you go back and refine it? I did just that. But why did I doubt myself in the first place? Will I ever be happy with Tampa?

Now looking at my second Tampa, FL piece, I feel like changing it again. This is crazy. Why am I not happy with it? Just an FYI, I do not feel the need to change the others I have made to date.

Mario Saverino

Designer/Artist See My About Page for more information. Thank You.