I Enjoyed Working On This Custom House Portrait

Last week I was commissioned to create a custom house portrait in a different style than I usually work.


My client wanted a freer looking drawing base on an image I drew in figure drawing class and something that I was selling as a Blank Note Card in my Etsy Shop.

This was the style I thought she would like. I sent her this sample and she said she loved it and placed her order. I was thrilled and started working on it immediately.

Her order was for one 5" x 7" signed print and 12 Blank Note Cards. By Thursday I completed my drawing and by Friday I had printed all the cards, packaged and sent them out.

I truly hope she likes the finished project as much as I enjoyed drawing and creating it. When I hear back from her, I will up date this post and let you know. 

Here is the finished artwork I sent.

Mario Saverino

Designer/Artist See My About Page for more information. Thank You.