What I have learned with Instagram

The Do's and Don't of Instagram

Going back a bit; December 2014 was massive for Instagram. They announced on their blog that there are were more than 300 million active monthly users. That was more then Twitter at the time. Today Twitter states the have 328 million and Instagram states they have 400 million. Now that is a lot. Are you a Instagram user? I am now and I actually like it. It's fun to look at pretty pictures and to find some inspiring things out there. 

I am a small business and I am trying everything to get noticed. The way I see it, if I get people interested in my art and I keep showing it off I will develop a relationship with them and they might want to own some of my work one day. One of the best ways to show the world my stuff I think is Instagram. If I use it the correct way, what bad could come of it?

Breakfast in Italy - does not get much better then this.

Here is a list of Do's and Don'ts when using Instagram in not particular order.

  1. Don't Post Crappy Photos
  2. Do Focus on Engagement Not Follower Number
  3. Don't Be Spammy
  4. Do Be Consistent
  5. Don't Play Games
  6. Do Be An Authority
  7. Don't Abuse Hastags
  8. Do Try and Get Featured By Bigger Profiles
  9. Don't Be Afraid To Be Creative
  10. Do Keep At It and Don't Give Up

I am doing great so far - pretty much am following the Do's and Don'ts list. My next step is to work very hard on #8. It's a hard one, but not impossable.

Mario Saverino

Designer/Artist See My About Page for more information. Thank You.