How would you describe this art work? Feel free to comment.

Looking at this work of art I created, how would you describe it?

"Miss Liberty" 13" x 19"

I created this work the week of the 4th of July - feeling very patriotic around this time of the year. I do love my country and all we stand for.

I titled it: "Miss Liberty". The media I used were black and gray felt tip markers and I was trying to relay drama and just how bold the icon of the Stature of Liberty is. When you see her in person sitting on Liberty Island in New York City - she is very small compared to New York's skyline - but the statement the stature makes is a mazing. Who in America can't recognize this icon?

That all being said, I am asking you to describe it for me as if a buyer of art would be searching for it on the Internet. I have been working so hard as an artist and I would like to start getting more exposure and in turn sell more of my art. I do know who I am as an artist. What I have no idea is what you think and how to get an audience. With your help I know I can.

You might what to start here:

  • How does its ambiance feel?
  • What undertones does it evoke?
  • How does it's essence effect your spirit?
  • What does this piece do?

Be the first person to comment and I will gladly send you a "free signed print" of this piece. All I ask is for you to pay the postage. Thank you for your time and honest comments. Limit time only. Offer expires August 15th, 2017.

Mario Saverino

Designer/Artist See My About Page for more information. Thank You.