A New Look to MarioSiART Website

I am working on changing my website. I have always liked my old site MarioSiART, but wanted a new design and a new look. So many people these days use their phones and their tablets to view almost everything on the web. I have always liked the idea of a single page scrolling style site which makes it very easier to navigate. So let me make it easy for everyone - even on a desktop, scrolling seems the way to go.  My new designed website is live yet - all I need to do is press the button - but I'm not sure if all is in the correct order and all the links are live. I use Squarespace as my host and I think their templates are stunning and will work well for me.

I'll let you know when I am live. Soon, very soon.

Mario Saverino

Designer/Artist See My About Page for more information. Thank You.